Industrial Systems Engineering, also Industrial Engineering, is an engineering discipline devoted to the design, implementation, control and improvement of integrated systems in a wide range of organizations that produce goods or services.

Like other engineering fields, ISE is concerned with solving problems through the application of specialized knowledge in mathematics. One of the most important characteristics of ISE is using systematic approach to integrate the basic resources of production, people, information, energy and other relevant resources to create smooth, efficient and competitive operations.

As a result, industrial engineers are needed in most enterprises due to the capability to perform variety of tasks including forecasting, products and services design, capacity planning, process selection and facilities layout, work design and measurement, quality management, inventory management, scheduling, maintenance, project management, logistics and supply chain management, etc. Students graduated from ISE department can work effectively in many fields including manufacturing industries, health care, engineering consulting firms, financial institutions, transportation companies, government, military agencies, and construction firms.

Although ISE is one of the most important and popular engineering fields in developed countries, it came to Vietnam quite late. In 1999, the ISE department was established for the first time in HCM City University of Technology. The pioneers includes Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ho Thanh Phong, MS. Nguyen Nhu Phong and Dr. Nguyen Van Chung. Since then, ISE department chose 1st April as the annual anniversary of the founding of the department.

In 2015, the B.Eng. Industrial Systems Engineering program received a certification from the ASEAN University Network (AUN) for successfully completing Quality Assessment at the Program Level.

In 2017, ISE department received the Decision on opening Undergraduate full-time program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.


As the youngest member of Mechanical Engineering faculty, the ISE department currently administrates two majors: Industrial Systems Engineering (both undergraduate and graduate programs) and Logistics & Supply Chain Management.

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