The anniversary of ISE department





Besides improving continuously teaching and learning process, we organize 3 traditional events annually to promote the strong relationship amongst all members in ISE family. These activities include:

- The anniversary of ISE.

- Welcome ceremony.

            - Graduation ceremony.

The anniversary of ISE department is organized annually on 1st April to memorialize the day that our ISE department was founded. The purpose of this event is to stimulate the love of every student to the department.

On this occasion, various activities are organized such as: organizing football champion, dancing, exhibiting theses and IE projects, giving specialized software and awards to outstanding students and so on.


In this event, our department usually welcome back alumni and former lectures as well as recruiters. It offers a golden opportunity for all of us to meet to each other and share precious experiences. As a results, we can improve our teaching program continuously to adapt better to the needs of enterprises and society. Besides, the anniversary also enhance the solidarity between students and spread out the image of ISE to enterprises and society.

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